Whether you’re in search of a solution to a particular problem, or looking for insights into some noteworthy topics for the software engineering field, you’re in the right place.

This blog is about technical issues, solutions (hopefully), technologies, coding, industry trends and my own take on them. I welcome you, dear skilldriller, to disagree with me. Challenge the solutions and help the community by following the principle of keystroke conservation.

“There are a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die”

Scott Hanselman

This is, after all, the reason I started this blog. Everything written here, is the evidence of the way I drill my way through software industry. If my drilling happens to help other fellows in need, then I’m just happy I’m saving more keystrokes.

My name is Manuela Caliga. From personal projects to enterprise applications, my software expertise comes from the most diverse industries. I’ve worked for small companies, large corporations, as a freelancer , employee, consultant or any other role that could bring me closer to the professional I strive to be. I enjoy drinking tea, witty conversations, skiing, reading, I write a lot and I rarely say no to a board games night.

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